Haiti Project Foundation


The Haïti Project Foundation realizes projects in cooperation with the Haitians. These Projects are, after the start-up, self supporting and will be maintained and expanded by the local people themselves.

One of the major important conditions is that these projects are in line with the UN-millennium goals and/or the Dutch millennium goals, or should serve human development aid.

Examples are: education, agricultural development, irrigation projects, fresh-drinking water supply projects, sustainable energy supply projects, etc.

Within the foundation there is lot of experience and knowledge in relation to the goals we have set. One of or members traveled to Haïti several times and co-worked on several projects:

· Installation of solar-energy station close to Leogane

· Irrigation project

· Education and instruction on growing vegetables

· Peanut project ( test to grow and harvest peanuts )

· Installing lights sources supplied by the solar station

· Hatching out eggs with help of a incubator

· Aerate fish-breeding pools at the FBM farm

· Initiate a home for homeless mothers

· Project for sewing and clothing studio for these homeless mothers




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