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Haïti and the Dominican Republic occupy together the Antillean island Hispaniola. Haïti is about 2/3 the size of The Netherlands and has about 8 million people. A country with a unique history and culture. It became the first free negro-republic after the slave revolution against the French dominance. Haïti was called the “Pearl of the Antilles”.

The majority of the Haitians lineal descend from the Africans, who were brought to Haiti as slaves. Their language is krevol, a language based on French. It is one of the poorest countries in the World and also the poorest country on the western hemisphere. About 400.000 children are still working as slaves; they are called restaveks.

Haïti is extremely poor. 70% of the population is living in constantly under nourished condition. Daily people are starving, or dying from diseases or just a simple infectious disease. There is amply money for food, let alone money for medical help.


Haïti is a country of misery and despair. From the rich history of this country is nothing left. Columbus discovered Haïti in 1492, at the time it's original inhabitants were the Arowaks. In the decades there after the Arowaks died out as a result of hard labour and diseases. As from the second half of the 17th century the country was repopulated with hundreds of thousands slaves which were transported from Africa to work on the sugar and coffee plantations.

In 1697 Spain handed over the command for western part of Hispaniola to France. The French called this part Saint-Domingue. It became one of France's richest colonies. Around 1780 Saint-Domingue produced about 40 percent of all sugar and 60 percent of all coffee used in Europe. This colony alone (about the size of Belgium) produced more sugar and coffee than all British West-Indian colonies together.

Haïti became the second independent country on the western hemisphere after the United States. After the slave revolution of 1791 the people turned against the French domination. They defeated the army that was sent by Napoleon.

Later on history became again dark due to death and destruction. Cruel dictators, like the Duvaliers (Papa Doc) have ransacked the country and brought the people to beggary. Intimidation and terror were common practice for years. There are signs of hope and still the poor and exploited population hope for better times and in the meantime struggle to survive.

With your help and support we want to build up with the people of Haiti, a better life and society, and a better future. Your help is essential to make it work!




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